May 26, 2020

McCracken Residence


The owner’s of this 1951 ranch home near Iowa State University had an ambitious vision for their home remodel.  Their request was to add a Master Suite along with an Office, but due to site constraints the only option was to build up.  Designing a second floor addition was challenging due to existing conditions and complexity of construction.  Integrity Construction was the desired contractor for the job and was instrumental in the success of this project from schematic design through final construction.

The design utilizes the existing footprint of the home to distribute the new roof and second story loads to the existing exterior bearing walls.  This allowed the low ceilings of the existing living room to be expanded into a double height space, providing both extra volume as well a sense of entry into the home.  The interior materials selected complemented the recently remodeled lower & main level.  The exterior design draws inspiration from Iowa State University and the Alumni Center, which is situated directly across the street from their residence. Use of cement based siding materials in unique ways along with brick will provide low maintenance, durability, and longevity for the life of this home.  The standing seam metal roof, stained cedar soffit, and flat roof entry provide a distinctly modern aesthetic to the home. 

June 17, 2015

Bethany Manor Expansion

The Bethany Manor Addition & Building Renovations project involved the phased demolition, renovation, and expansion of an existing skilled nursing facility in Story City, Iowa. The complex program and design were successfully achieved while minimizing disruption to existing residents and maintaining occupancy census.

At the heart of this project was the transformation of a mid-century facility from an outdated institution-based care paradigm to a culturally relevant, neighborhood / household model that focuses on resident-centered care and creates a sense of home.

A critical component of this project was the strategic disentanglement of the original mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems which served parts of the building that were to remain operational during demolition. The design team worked in conjunction with the Construction Manager to chart a path that minimized disruptions to the building’s occupants.

October 17, 2011

Rowley Masonic Community

Breaking from tradition, the new 88 unit expansion of Rowley Masonic Community creates a sense of home and place that is so essential to resident centered care.  Clusters of homes arranged in three V-shaped buildings will form neighborhoods for residents to call home.  Entry porches create comfortable spaces to observe the comings and goings of each neighborhood while providing a sense of ownership and individuality to residents.  The exterior design and masses also contribute to the individuality of each house.

No longer serving the sole purpose of circulation, the wide corridors and adjacent alcoves reinforce the concept of a neighborhood to the clusters of resident rooms.  These livable corridors include social spaces to create a sense of community, encouraging spontaneous social interaction between residents.  Floor to ceiling windows between each pair of resident rooms provides an airy atmosphere, natural daylight/ventilation, and views to the exterior park-like spaces.

At the heart of the new expansion, Main Street is an energetic place for social interaction between residents, staff, and visitors.  Coffee shops, beauty parlors, and hobby shops will line the public space, emulating a traditional American downtown street.  Spaces for performances, movies, and events allow residents to enjoy a lively & vivacious lifestyle well into their twilight years.