Story County Community Services

The vacated lower level of the Human Services Building presented an opportunity for the growing Story County Community Services Department to capture additional office space as well as reinvision daily operations of staff and visitors.

One of the primary challenges of the project was to provide an access corridor for maintenance staff to be able to walk freely from one end of the long narrow building to the other without disrupting the officing functions of the Community Services staff. Furthermore, any corridor along the perimeter of the space would potentially block the already limited daylight provided by the basement windows. The solution was to provide a continous band of partially obscurred ribbon windows along the main east-west corridor, allowing daylight and relative privacy to the Community Services staff, while allowing maintenance personel to move freely between the two sides of the building.

The department also desired multiple types and scales of conferencing abilities, from large staff meetings of twenty people or more to small personal meetings with visitors of no more than two to three people. Having limited space for conferencing functions, the solution was to create a singular flexible conference space with an operable glass wall to bisect the room on the fly. When openned, the room can easily accomodate a large staff meeting. When closed, the operable glass wall divides the space into two spaces, a medium and small sized conference room. Additionally, private offices were designed to provide impromptu meetings and conferences with visitors as well.