The term studio describes both a place and way of working

At Haila Architecture | Structure | Planning our studio functions as an interactive place for research, dialogue, and exploration enabling us to seek unique design solutions for every project.

We firmly believe that clients should participate heavily in the design process.  The ultimate success of any project depends upon the contribution of everyone involved.  In our open studio, trust is developed and relationships are fostered allowing the collaborative process to flow freely.


Diverse sets of skills in architecture, art, structural engineering, and project planning fulfill our team’s passion to provide innovative and inspiring design solutions for our clients, patrons, and their environments.  We work very hard and have a lot of fun creating exciting, purposeful, and inspiring architecture.


Architecture touches the lives of everyone. The clients, patrons, user groups, and the entire community experience the buildings we design. This privilege of practicing architecture is taken seriously and also exercised with great enthusiasm. We maximize the experience and value of each opportunity with innovative design that meets the owner’s needs, transcends expectations, and enlightens the natural & built environment of our patrons.



Founded on this philosophy we have purposed to increase and develop our influence by continually challenging ourselves through design innovation, progressive business practices, and individual development. We strive to provide increased benefit to our clients and patrons by, at once, practicing tried and true methods while pushing the traditional boundaries of architectural practice.