December 18, 2014

Vermeer Applied Technology Hub

The Vermeer Applied Technology Hub, located at the Iowa State Research Park in Ames, Iowa, this facility houses opportunities for innovation and collaboration between Iowa State students and Vermeer team members to develop the next generation of Vermeer equipment.  The Iowa based company intends to create an environment for software engineers to excel in the development of practical, affordable and modular equipment technology. The unique space provides office space to allow students and faculty from Iowa State and other schools to work collaboratively on technology advancements for Vermeer industrial and agricultural equipment. As technology is developed, a specialized high-bay facility is used for testing and validation.

November 12, 2009

Proliant Biologicals


  • A biologicals company needed another facility to meet the needs of several new large client contracts.
  • A building shell that could accommodate intricately intertwined equipment and the packaging and storage of fragile materials.
  • An attractive facility that would fit in with the goals of the company, as well as the surrounding business park.


  • Creating a structure and plan layout which would allow the client’s complex equipment and production processes to operate flawlessly.
  • To provide a building which would meet the extremely high health and safety standards as dictated by the USDA


  • Use of a precast concrete structure which meets the safety and cleanliness goals of the owner, even taking into account pressure differentials between rooms to reduce the likelihood of contamination.
  • A cutting edge design reminiscent of the owner’s involvement on the leading edge of technology that allows the owner to manufacture product at a highly efficient rate.