March 17, 2011

Webster County L.E.C.

Webster County Law Enforcement Center Remodeling

Location:  Fort Dodge, Iowa

Completed in three (3) overlapping phases, this extensive remodeling project included not only removal and replacement of sanitary sewer and domestic water systems, but also included: replacement of the building’s masonry veneer; new windows; new lighting; upgraded mechanical systems and DDC; new boilers; interior finishes.

In order to accomplish this work, most building occupants were temporarily moved to another location for the duration of construction. However, one of the project’s greatest challenges was to have the jail floor remain partially occupied during construction. Additionally, the communication center had to remain fully operational during construction, due to the critical nature of the LEC’s operations.

The solution was a multi-phase approach with additional sub-phases to allow migration of staff and prisoners during construction, allowing these critical LEC operations to remain partially or fully functional for the duration of the project.

Phase 1:  $2,769,000

Phase 2:  $    597,000

Phase 3:  $2,940,000

Completed:  April, 2012